It’s true, Sandy blows

Image found on Huffington Post — if anyone knows if there’s a different source that needs to be credited, let me know. 
It’s the first time I’ve had a hurricane named after me. While I admit I’m enjoying the infamy, I hope it doesn’t turn out as bad as the news reports are predicting. (How many more times are we going to hear, “Don’t be a fool–evacuate!” while the very same reporters saying this are sent out into the beach towns to find the fools who aren’t evacuating. Or, “Look at these nutzos still walking on the beach!” says the reporter standing on the beach. This is what reporters are told to do; I was a reporter once and did the same myself, in every major storm.)

I can hear the wind gusting outside, though our windows are closed. It’s 4:30 am — we got up early because Rad thought he might have to go into work and I would have had to drive


(all public transportation has been shut down). He’s now heard he doesn’t have to do something that foolish, thank god.

Good luck to everyone who is dealing with Sandy. don’t take it out on me!