Boardwalk Badness Weekend 2013

Dare I attempt to blog about this weekend, the fourth Atlantic City spanking weekend? I had a good time. I didn’t feel overly emotional about anything, or insecure, or jealous, to any large degree. I think I always have those feelings pop up a little bit. But for the most part, I felt that I was with people who liked me, with people I liked back, and that enough people I wanted to play with wanted to play with me.

I didn’t feel huge angst over missed connections this year. Two years ago, I had written about a sudden and severe drop leaving the party because I felt a good friend had blown me off. This year, I think I had fewer scenes than ever and that was fine. I cancelled all potential scenes for Sunday afternoon because I had to work—I had a deadline I needed to meet on Tuesday—and I missed hooking up with one of my favorite players as a result. He lives on the wrong coast! But I’ll see him at Shadow Lane over Labor Day weekend and we will play then. At least that’s the plan. He’s very popular and has lots of other women to play with so my cancelling with him wasn’t going to leave him bereft …

On the other hand, I’d apparently overbooked play on Saturday night. I had talked to several people about arranging play after I’d finished my security shift on Saturday night. I told one guy I could play at 1 am after my shift (and that was a definite in my head) but the second guy thought we were playing at 1 a.m., too. In my mind, we were simply supposed to meet at some point after 1 am to pinpoint a play time, and because he wasn’t there right at 1 a.m., I left to play with the other guy.

He gave me a hard time about it when we were on the boat on Sunday night, but in a joking, teasing way — he didn’t seem too mad. But on the other hand, he didn’t spank me when I offered to accept a punishment for my transgressions. So maybe he was mad. Uncertain. He’s promised to give me a double thrashing when he sees me next, which left me feeling a bit relieved after all—he does still want to play. He was  a guy I’d met at the World Spanking Party in the fall and was a very fun top. Wish it had worked out.

You gotta understand, it can be so easy to get upset over not playing with someone and it can be so easy to be the cause of someone else’s upset. I try not to make promises I can’t fulfill. Problem with a party where you won’t see people for another year is that you tend to want to just seize the moment, grab a player and do a scene while you are both there and ready to go.

The few scenes I did were superb, especially the double-topping scene with Tom and Morgan. They are both evil. On the other hand, they get me…

Rad and I only got to play once, but that’s because he was barely playing. He had been hacking so hard with bronchitis a week or so  before the party that he actually thinks he cracked a rib on his right side. At some point on Saturday night he was able to put me over his knee and spank me with his left arm. We go to these events to catch up with people, too, not just play, so he says he still had a great time.


*In the next post I’ll talk about the Bad Boys Punished event I ran on Saturday afternoon.*