Shadow Lane 14: “Singapore-style” caning

I have many things to write about this year’s Shadow Lane (which was an amazing party), but in this blog I’m just going to write about the “Singapore-style” judicial caning scene organized on Sunday afternoon by Joe (“DrLectr”). It was one exciting hour and a half.

Joe advertised the event ahead of time and recruited bottoms to be “prisoners” and tops to play “prison guards.” I was asked to step up in the eleventh hour as a female guard, so I didn’t have the khaki pants and olive t-shirts (or actual camouflage fatigues in one case) that the male guards wore, but I wore a black skirt and top like the other female guard, Snow Mercy, and we all had matching red berets.

I’d wondered earlier whether I might like this event as a bottom, but I thought it might be too brutal for me. In reality, it was more about creating a head space, and every prisoner was asked ahead of time about his or her pain tolerance. Not everyone was caned–some got strappings or paddlings. One or two got both.

The two female guards and five male guards—ColoDom, DrLectr, FlaPaddler, StrictDave, and SDSpanko79—had to deal with two male prisoners and about 10 female prisoners.

This all took place in Joe’s suite, which happened to have a St. Andrew’s cross on display for some players who like a bit of a harder scene. The cross was called into service for the judicial canings.

After the prisoners were interviewed, then were given tags indicating what type and level of punishment they were to receive. Then all the prisoners were ordered into one of the side bedrooms to await their turn. Everyone was  to go one at a time.

In the main room, there were just a handle of spectators, friends of the people playing, who were asked to remain quiet during the event to not interfere with the emotional state some of the prisoners might be in. But the prisoners were apparently not going quietly. When Joe went to the side room to call for the first up, the door was locked. He calmly instructed those inside that they would be getting extra strokes, and the door was quickly opened.

The first male prisoner was led out, and I was called upon to punish him. It happened to be my friend Tom. I hadn’t played with him in a number of years and I’d forgotten his tolerance level. He was wearing a tag that said he was to be caned, but lightly—yes, this was slightly disappointing to me as I do like to cane hard, but we weren’t out to break anyone. At the end of the day, no matter how masochistic any of the prisoners were, no one was really going to be brutally caned Singapore style.

First I informed Tom that because the prisoners had locked the door, his six strokes had just increased to 10. He looked nervous, which got me a little excited. The male guards told him to drop his pants and shorts. He was cuffed up, and then a towel was positioned around his lower torso to protect his kidneys and plastic wrap from a spool wrapped around to secure the towel.

I delivered the first cane stroke to Tom as Joe barked out something in a language I didn’t recognize. I didn’t know he was going to be doing that, so I nearly jumped. The reason I didn’t recognize the language was because it was simply made-up words he was shouting to sound scary. Some of those watching whispered that perhaps next year someone could memorize 1-10 in Malay or Mandarin.

I gave Tom the ten strokes, making them moderate but increasing the intensity on the last few. It was gratifying to watch him from the side. Even though he wasn’t making much noise I could see him close his eyes and struggle a bit with the pain. Finally it was over, the guards uncuffed and unwrapped him, and he was dismissed.

Since there was only one other male prisoner and Snow Mercy was going to cane him, my job was basically done. So I could sit back and enjoy the show.

As each prisoner was led out, stripped naked from the waist down, cuffed into place and wrapped with a towel, it was easy to see how nerve-wracking these preparations were—especially the towel part because it implied that severe pain was coming momentarily. The three guards responsible for the cuffing and wrapping did not break a smile. It seemed dead serious, and of course the uniforms helped. They moved quickly while the person about to administer the punishment stood by.

Each prisoner reacted differently. Some cried out, some shook and struggled, and some were mostly stoic. And each guard had their own style of delivering punishment. When one guard reflexively hugged his prisoner after he’d caned her, someone in the audience whispered, “There’s no hugging in prison!” He and the other guards refrained from any other hugs, and prisoners once punished were simply dismissed.

Many of the women left their pants down and lay face down on the carpet, each subsequent female prisoner joining her sisters in the small group as her sentence was completed.

I was watching empathetically as one or two rather severe canings or strappings were delivered. The girls’ cries and yelps left my heart racing and other parts of me pulsing.

At one point the phone in the suite rang. Joe looked around briefly and commented, “If that’s the governor calling, we’re ignoring it.” It was later revealed that the prisoners who were still in the other room had used the phone in there to call the main suite. It seems one of the prisoners had actually been planning to impersonate the governor and issue pardons for the remaining prisoners. The girls who were still in the other room said they began to realize that the last few prisoners to be called were going to get some of the harsher punishments. They said they had huddled together nervously.

The last to be punished was poor Ellee, who was wearing an orange short-skirted uniform. She rather enthusiastically stripped this off as she faced the cross, leaving just black panties stating “bad girl” and thigh-high boots as she was positioned. Strict Dave was to strap her twelve times, and he stood by bearing the double-long strap that I’ve seen him use on occasion with some special spankees. Most of those watching knew that Ellee has played with Dave on many occasions, and they knew she could take it, but knowing that and watching what unfolded were two different things.

Dave, who I think used to play baseball, has a rather unique delivery that has him moving forward then back into his windup, finally lashing the strap forward and striking pay dirt. Ellee cried out at the first stroke, yelled, bucked and struggled briefly at some of the next strokes, but bore it beautifully.

The whole event was quite the adventure in group role play, and I felt it was done very well. There was little breaking of character, the guards were fun to watch in their very hot uniforms, the girls were fun to watch as they each bore their punishment in their own particular style, and I think most of those taking part in it or having the good fortune to watch left very satisfied.



2 thoughts on “Shadow Lane 14: “Singapore-style” caning

  1. Em says:

    This was a really fun event and very thoughtfully executed. Thanks so much to all the guards for making it happen.

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