The Protocol Party

Saturday’s party was a fun, new experience. It was nice having a sub to serve me. On top of being responsible for getting my food and drinks, he brought me some delicious organic dark chocolate, enough to share with others, AND he gave me a foot, back/neck and head massage. The foot and neck massage was great for aching muscles and sore toes, but the head massage was divine. That i
s better than getting high…

Now, we did follow some light protocol. He was to call me Ma’am, get the doors for me, and, when we were seated he sat on a pillow on the floor. House rules were that subs did not use furniture unless there was some physical issue that prevented them from being on the floor. My sub had back issues and asked that I not make him kneel. He b brought his own pillow plus a floor-level seat with a stiff back for support.

It was really nice not to have to worry about bringing food for the party (I never mind bringing food but it is something I can easily obsess over.) And at the end of the evening it was the subs’ job to clean up. (I had to stop myself from jumping in!) My “boy” also carried my bag for me and cleaned up our play area after we were done playing.

I was glad the evening included play, not just subs quietly serving while the doms chatted and sipped tea, because I may have been bored out of my skull!

I did find it weird seeing a lot of my friends who were in the sub role and not being sure about how to interact with them. They were not supposed to speak unless a dom spoke to them first, so I kept thinking, Am I only supposed to talk to them if I NEED something? As the evening progressed it became easier.

My sub is new to this, publicly at least, and he hasn’t played too much. I didn’t go crazy on him. I did give him a short caning. He’d never been caned; it’s always nice to break someone’s “virginity.” Next time I’ll go a little harder and I’ll bring my own canes.

Best thing about the party was that it was very small and I knew almost everyone there. I was glad I’d opted to be on top, too. Next time, though, I may explore the other side.

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  1. joeyred51 says:

    Thank you for sharing.


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