Following protocol

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I’m attending a small “protocol” party tonight in Long Island, a gathering in which there are formal rules in place for subs—and doms, too, I suppose, because they need to be aware of what’s expected. I would have preferred to do this as a bottom first, as I’ve wanted to explore this for quite some time.

But I didn’t want to be a solo sub, or what the hosts are calling “house” subs. On the one hand, there is no pressure to play with anyone. But on the other hand, there is no one expecting you to play.

The subs are expected to bring and set up the food, serve their doms and the others, and clean up. None of that would bother me in the least. What bothers me is not having a special someone to do it for. I wrote recently that I am seeking a part-time dom. I’m currently “interviewing” candidates, but I don’t have that person in my life just yet.

So I decided to attend the party as a Dom, with a new friend (a friend of a friend) attending as my sub. I met the gentleman about a month ago at another Long Island party, and he’s a good guy—intelligent, able to articulate what he wants, and attractive. He is more into service than taking pain, but that does not mean we won’t have fun. I watched him give an awesome foot rub at the other party and I always enjoy a good foot rub. He says he’s good at neck and head massage, too. All good.

When I am on the sub side of things, I LOVE having someone take charge and tell me what to do. I don’t know if all subs are like this, but probably most are. So I felt it important that I come up with at least a few rules for the evening.

*Call me ‘Ma’am,’ not ‘Mistress.’

*If you need to use the bathroom or change position, ask politely, then thank me.

*If you are bringing me an appetizer, bring a plate with several appetizers to offer to others.

I also told him to bring me some dark chocolate, and to try to bring some for the hostess as well. For our meal, he’s bringing a healthy dish; I told him I was trying to eat better. But I added another rule: If I choose to eat something unhealthy, he is not permitted to mention it!

The stated rules of the party include:

*All submissives must sit on the floor when seated unless they have physical restrictions.

*Submissives must not initiate conversation with any Dominant.

*Any Dominant may ask any submissive to get them a beverage or napkin or something to nibble on. This should not be construed as usurping anyone’s authority.

*Tidying up as the evening progresses is the responsibility of all submissives present.  Those not participating in housekeeping duties reflect poorly on their Mistress or Master.

*If the Dominant wishes to make an example of their errant sub then they should do so in any way they wish (within house guidelines)

Having someone serve me will be fun. It should happen more often! But I plan on doing more than eating dinner and watching subs clean up the kitchen. I told him: “I will have a short strap with me. It is not severe. I may use it on your butt, back or hand. Or I may just spank you.” 

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